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Full Website Audits, Analysis and Reporting.

All good SEO Services begins with an audit of your website. Find out what works and what needs improvement. Analysing how your website performs in search. Analysing your competitors, tracking and improving keywords and phrases you rank for.

Quality Copywriting that Converts

Your potential customers/clients need to be confident you know what you are doing. Quality copy will demonstrate your authority in your profession/subject, as well as ensuring that your pages rank well in Google searches. Creating copy that is useful to your readers, shareable, or even “viral” will convert to sales.

Link Building, Marketing and Offsite SEO

Working on the connections you have with other websites and identifying good links to improve your authority. All quality websites rely on quality links. Make yourself useful by identifying potential online communities and social networks to contribute to.

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Audit and Analysis

An initial audit and report for your website is essential before any work can begin to improve it. A website audit will analyse every page of your website and your SEO specialist can make recommendations based on the findings. Depending on your knowledge, ability, time and interest, many of your specialist’s recommendations can be implemented by yourself.

Extended audits and analysis of your main competitors’ websites can be arranged too, but this will come at additional cost and take much longer. The price for this is entirely dependent on your business and your competitors.

Here at Fenwickwriter, we are always available to answer any questions you may have about your audit and how you can make your own improvements. Everyone should know at least a little SEO!


Engaging with your website visitors is essential. Get your visitor’s attention with authoritative and easily understood website copy. We are professional, highly educated and experienced copywriters. An initial analysis of your business and you brand will soon allow us to write the type of engaging copy your visitors can understand and trust.

From your homepage to your blog, your content should be consistent. This should extend to any blogs and social networks you decide to create. Maintaining a familiar voice that people can understand is an important part of upholding your brand awareness.

And of course, the more quality copy you have on your website, the more likely Google is to pick it up in relevant searches. Become an authority on your subject and update your website/blog often. Remember that Google is very smart, and they will only recommend the best, most relevant and useful sources for their users.

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Ongoing Support

Many of our clients are regulars. After initial assessments are done for their websites, they employ is to continue monitoring their sites, their competitors and maintain essential connections within their industry sector via forums and other online communities. It is also important to ensure your clients and other website visitors continue to engage with your content. This can be done with the publication of regular newsletters, social media posts and onsite articles that continue to demonstrate your authority in your sector.